A Guilty Yacht in Greece

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My time in Greece was full of happy discoveries, including a modern art encounter that I literally made me gasp. Probably loudly! I’ve been fortunate enough to see Jeff Koons art in person at the both MOMA in NYC and also during Nuit Blanche in Toronto a few years back, but I didn’t expect to cross paths with one of his most notorious works on a small island in the Aegean Sea.

guilty bw

I was on Hydra Island only for a couple hours when I saw it. Walking down Andrea Miaouli towards the port to find some coffee and rounded the corner as I got to the waterfront…and ta-da. There it was. I stopped dead in my tracks.

hydra fullhydra backguilty mat

The mega yacht Guilty was designed by Jeff Koons and owned by industrialist and art dealer Dakis Joannou. It’s totally unlike any other boats in the harbour – and apparently that’s why some…

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